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Staying Astonished...

February 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Each time I muster the energy to pitch my work to an editor or a call for submissions I need to remind myself that, regardless of the outcome, I will learn from the process. Through my 20 plus years of creating, the rejections (and occasional success) have generated a host of surprises and in turn taught me much.

Last winter, right around now, as I was heading out to drive my son to school, I paused for a moment to pack my camera along for the ride.  Maybe I could build an adventure into my routine?  As luck would have it, a winter storm was just beginning its swirl.  After the drop-off, I went home by another way in order to take in (and be astonished by) a beloved New England farm freshly dusted in snow.  Fast forward to now...  My "astonishment" appears on the cover of the brand new winter edition of The Tishman Review.  Always a lesson!  What an honor to be in the company of so much literary and other talent.  Print copies are available through the magazine's website.  



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