susan currie is a west palm beach based poet with a camera who documents life's lyrical moments through her personal creative projects. her words and images have been exhibited at the yawkey cancer center at mass general hospital in boston, the photoplace gallery in middlebury, vermont, the touch gallery in cambridge, massachusetts and also featured in the boston globe, we are travel girls, still point arts quarterly, the huffington post, spirit of st. bart's, artists magazine, the tishman review, temenos literary journal and in assorted other publications. in addition to these endeavors, susan serves as a corporator for the griffin museum of photography in winchester, massachusetts and as a adjunct faculty member of the palm beach photographic centre and the armory art center in west palm beach. she was recently named a lensbaby ambassador.

susan met her muse when she discovered the practice of yoga (and became an RYT 200 instructor) some time ago. this ancient eight-limbed practice continues to inform her artistry and her life on a number of levels. through the creative workshops she leads throughout the country, she shares her signature approach to slow shooting and incorporating mindfulness into the artistic practice.

susan is the author of ONCE DIVIDEDGRACENOTES, and breathtaking. Her new book SUPERFLOW Light Up the Artist in You is now available in wide release. susan is also the creator of CHARMCODES. for signed books, teaching and other inquiries, please e-mail susan at: [email protected]

many thanks to the team at LENSBABY for sharing my JOURNEY STORY...