S P I N . . .





Knowing a thing for certain hijacks the imagination we were each born to follow.  Yet through our moments, hours, and days - on we forage, striving for certainty. Here, there is nothing to solve. No hidden message to decode. 

SPIN is an overture... a fine art series of visual prompts inviting the viewer to still the moment, step away from today's swirling existence, and connect back to a single point of focus. Simply designed, the collection welcomes wonder and a slow reveal. SPIN was created employing the vibrant colorscape here in southern Florida as captured through photographic images.

The works' purpose? To offer an uncomplicated, polychromatic anchor in which to breathe, reconnect with stillness and disable the incline to unriddle
Wander in...

The series is presently available as 12 x 12 and 15 x 15 (perfect square) extraordinary
one inch thick acrylic photo blocks. Select works from the SPIN collection are available
through the GALLERY AT FOUR INDIA on Nantucket, in the Boston area at
LIBBY SILVIA ARTSTYLE and through the artist collective PALM BEACH.

Custom works are also available.

For more information, and limited edition fine art print pricing, please e-mail.


above quote excerpted from "how to draw a perfect circle", by terrance hayes