c h i p s . . .





color schemes.  in shades & hues it flaunts, flashes, and whispers.  and, it sways... with or without warning, it embeds itself into the fabric of the senses and the soul, channeling ever-enduring associations.

with cleverly created monikers, marketing professionals across broad swaths of commerce lure us in at every turn, pouncing on the opportunities created by such imprints.  they preach that "color is the answer".  and, mostly we believe. with names such as "pale oats", "achieve grapeness", "clear skies", and "baltic", we paint and we polish and we primp our lives.


chips is a fine art nod to the language of color.  in quarter notes, each sample strip pays homage to a shade's superpower to communicate visually. the works invite the viewer to follow their own imagination both visually and verbally, to explore personal color imprints, and to scheme as one wishes.



the limited edition works in this series  are available as 1.25 inch thick,
12 X 48 (eco-friendly) works, printed on superior sanded birch.
ready to install.  for pricing and trade discount inquiries, please e-mail.