EVERYONE is born with the gift of creativity. The SUPERFLOW approach, consisting of 10 refreshingly compact limbs, is a gateway to unclenching this superpower, igniting the fires of self expression, and seeing what beautiful looks like for you! 



"Traditional art curricula emphasize additive ways of seeing: more information, more history, more details. SUPERFLOW gifts us ways to clear away what we know, reach within and allow our creativity to shine. Susan, thank you for this delicious invitation to our art-making."

ELENA BROWER, bestselling author of Practice You and Being You

"In this accessible yet rich book, Susan Currie reminds us of the gifts that come with paying attention, giving us tools to create space for our deepest desires to surface and make themselves known. A great book to keep close at hand, to dip into when the flow feels interrupted and we need reminders of all that lights us up."

TAMARA HICKEY, actor and yoga teacher, The Action Space


"SUPERFLOW is a guidebook for those looking to achieve optimum creative, physical and mental potential. A truly life changing set of steps that will bring out the absolute best in all of us."

ALLEN CAMPBELL, chef and author


"I think whoever lets this book land in their hands will start to see in a new way."

ANDREW FRENCH, portrait and lifestyle photographer










"I have known SUSAN CURRIE for a decade now, and have enjoyed watching her journey to be more present daily, and more creatively alive. She has gradually moved from a career as a successful photographer and yoga instructor, to expressing herself through poetry. Now SUSAN is speaking in her own voice, and combining these words with her photographs. In doing so, she opens new doorways for others to use images and words together in their own journals or notebooks. This new book will certainly resonate with many, as they move forward along their own personal pathways.”

JOYCE TENNESON, photographer and author of the bestseller Wise Women


"SUSAN CURRIE is a gifted poet, teacher, photographer, and artist.  In Once Divided, she offers up pages of beauty suitable for exploring again and again,  These poems and artistic images demonstrate a creative voice honed through practice.  Lovingly crafted, the book serves as a springboard for the reader's creative spirit, combining evocative words with a gorgeous series of images.  Perfect to place on an altar, coffee table, night stand, or in a  practice space, making inspiration available every day."