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"Not having written poetry for decades, I felt drawn to take Susan’s workshop. It was just what I needed. I was beginning to see how words expanded my images, and how my images took words to places words alone could not go. My work took off in exciting new directions. Susan's insights, exercises, knowledge as a writer and photographer herself, make the whole experience something I will always treasure. She creates a wonderfully enriching environment that truly nurtures growth and personal vision.” 
Former Student, Photography Instructor at St. Paul’s Academy  




SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22: GRACENOTES at The Stevens-Coolidge Place

Retreat into you in this two hour creative workshop led by Susan Currie, Merrimack Valley-based poet, photographer, yogini, and author of the new book GRACENOTES. In the pastoral setting of The Stevens-Coolidge Place we’ll take a pause to clear the slate and reconnect with our authentic artistic voices. This program will weave together, guided meditation, poetry readings, creative prompts and and open space for wandering the gardens and following your own creative threads. The workshop also includes a signed copy of Susan's new book. Commune with your breath and with kindred spirits, exhale for an afternoon and leave empowered to pursue your true creative calling. A perfect step away! Artists of all levels and mediums are welcome.



This is an invitation to commune with kindred spirits for a boutique creative immersion like
no other.  This autumn, join Fine Art Photographer Joyce Tenneson and Author Susan Currie for
an empowering three day retreat to put you in touch with your artistic roots.  Immerse yourself
in mindfulness practice, inspiring and simple iPhone photography, journal writing, and other
tools for bringing creativity and beauty into your life!

Sharing their signature blend, the two facilitators and longtime friends have led transformative

women's retreats around the country and are thrilled to bring this brand new program to the
Weekapaug Inn in Westerly, Rhode Island.  Each component of this three day
escape is precisely designed to explore and elevate the creative flow in you.  Your days and
evenings will be as full as you prefer, with optional early morning yoga, meditation practice,
and exposure to new artistic iPhone apps that will truly revolutionize the way you capture
images with your mobile device(s).  Coastal saunters, campfires, farm to table dining and
inspired community will infuse our exhale experience.   

Retreat participants are invited to use each day's downtime to indulge in a spa treatment, hop

on a bicycle, head back to your novel or your craft... toned and exhilarated with a new found sense
of joy which honors the authentic spark in you!  Guests will leave refreshed and restored, feeling
empowered and inspired by heightened clarity and new techniques for making truly artistic images.
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