monday morning

the cherry striped chaises sit empty

umbrellas wrapped


all is hushed

just you and i

face to face


you roar in and over

and out

again and again

no time to lose


you roar in

over an out

cleansing the shore of the weekend’s racket,

preparing for the new


just you and i for some moments

shoulder to shoulder

in the champagne air


and, what i can do?

what i can do - the only thing

is to offer my silence, my truest perception

prayer like

in awe

of your




it’s not that kind of place…

among the summer flowers

dressing the lakeshore

in morning,

in august


out of respect,

leave it before you enter:

the agenda

the volume

the commotion


shed all of it, and

hear things

see things



land quietly as you approach


land quietly - as one would in a holy place

for several somebodies are already present


“wisdom has built her house.”

and it goes like this…

like the water’s ripple

just like this


excerpted from Proverbs 9: 1-7





my early version
the one i like best
with an impulse towards prayer

make me an instrument
for all
or, perhaps just these two or three
who share with me a life under this roof?

violins were strung for symphonies
and kites for soaring 
so, what of my purpose?

deliver me from my hissing
just that, today

blunt my tallying
of disappointments and woe
just that, today

make me an instrument,
of quiet gesture
surely i could be put to some use for elevation?

today, just that
today… could be different







YES is a muscle

whose strengthening i skim over 

NO gets the workout


so on tuesday and on this day, and on others

i practice…

amidst the morning’s clamor and rebuff


it looks like this

time in

breath taking,

and giving

extending the gaps


slow motion

gathering up a gladness, rallying an “indeed”

broad strokes, balancing truth on my right side and my left

exhausting and establishing in quiet synchronicity


YES is a muscle

whose strengthening i skim over 

so on days like this when i remember

amen gets the workout


it looks like this - the drill

time in

breath taking and giving

it looks like, “why not?”


some days, like this one

the toning, the knotted mind’s release, the YES

looks simply

like the hushed refrain of, “thank you”

over and over and over and over