a relaxed fusion of photographic images, poetic verse, and white space for journaling, GRACENOTES unfolds with ease, tempering the clamor of the day. crafted in the author’s signature lyrical flow, her words and images mirror back to one another, creating for the reader a field of quiet contemplation. the diffused light of its pages extends a respite for readers and writers of all levels.

GRACENOTES, like its predecessor ONCE DIVIDED, is the true companion for unplugging and recomposing. its pages root for the beauty murmuring amidst the noise and offer a powerful antidote to our weary souls. saunter through the forest on an overcast morning, take the bench pause on the backstreet, linger a little, and pack this book in your daybag. breathe again, with GRACENOTES.

if ever there were a season for self-compassion, that day is here. that truth was for me was the barometer in patching together this new collection of work. with both words and images i wanted to weave together something that folks could turn to (and return to) in order to restore. i look forward to sharing the book in creative workshops and beyond. available in select local shoppes, through amazon and at shanti arts online.




GRACENOTES fine art (blank) notecards featuring images from the book. available in six-packs $20...   



Photographer and Yoga Instructor Susan Currie’s work has long been celebrated for its sacred threads.  In her new collection of work, a seamless blend of visual and verse, she uses rich imagery as prompts for the written word.  With grace and simplicity ONCE DIVIDED shines a soft light on all of the glorious meanwhiles happening in the midst of the chatter inviting readers from all walks to pause and reconnect with their translation of “home”.





"I have known SUSAN CURRIE for a decade now, and have enjoyed watching her journey to be more present daily, and more creatively alive. She has gradually moved from a career as a successful photographer and yoga instructor, to expressing herself through poetry. Now SUSAN is speaking in her own voice, and combining these words with her photographs. In doing so, she opens new doorways for others to use images and words together in their own journals or notebooks. This new book will certainly resonate with many, as they move forward along their own personal pathways.”

JOYCE TENNESON, photographer and author of the bestseller Wise Women


"Susan Currie is a gifted poet, teacher, photographer, and artist.  In Once Divided, she offers up pages of beauty suitable for exploring again and again,  These poems and artistic images demonstrate a creative voice honed through practice.  Lovingly crafted, the book serves as a springboard for the reader's creative spirit, combining evocative words with a gorgeous series of images.  Perfect to place on an altar, coffee table, night stand, or in a  practice space, making inspiration available every day."




“I reserve my highest accolade (better known as magical unicorn status) for very, very few people on this planet. Susan Currie is currently one of five. Susan and I were always destined to be friends. She doesn’t need to jump about and talk real loud, but she slays you with just getting it—whether it’s how you’re feeling, what the photograph needs to be, that you needed a hug, that you needed a phone call . . . . She comes from a place of truth and honesty and availability to all those who see and read her work. I just find that really awesome in a person, and that’s why she’s such a brilliant writer and photographer.” 

HALLE BECKER, New York City’s legendary Yoga and Soul Cycle instructor